Periodic Cleaning

Let's Get You Caught Up by Starting with a Cleaning

Trinity Dental Care is in a partnership with you. We must work together in order to achieve our goals. Maintaining oral hygiene is a critical part of overall wellness. Depending upon your specific needs, you may require a dental cleaning every three to six months.

Our team, including registered dental hygienists, dentists, and dental specialists, will collect thorough baseline information at your first dental appointment. Oftentimes this will include a review of medical history, x-rays, analysis of your gums (gingiva), intraoral digital scan, and visual examination. We always begin our examination by addressing your chief concern. This ensures that we will address your needs. If you are in need of dental treatment other than a cleaning, then our team will be able to clearly show you the teeth that require treatment as well as explain why.

Our registered dental hygienists are highly trained and experienced at delivering meticulous and gentle dental cleanings. We offer "laughing gas" (nitrous oxide) to our anxious patients. We will recommend dental hygiene instruments, gels, and pastes for home use, depending upon your specific needs.

We look forward to partnering with you on building and maintaining your healthy smile.

A young girl is being examined by an adult.