Oral Pain

Let's Get You Out of Pain

Our team is prepared and trained to relieve you of your pain. We see patients every day who present with odontogenic (tooth-related) or temporomandibular discomfort related to the associated muscles, joint, and/or disc. Each one of our dentists is trained to handle the many issues that may be causing you pain.

Pain may be due to a cracked, broken, infected, or decayed tooth. The tooth may require endodontic therapy, often in the form of root canal treatment. Our team includes an endodontist with decades of experience in delivering these treatments.

Oftentimes teeth may require removal (extraction) if they are severely damaged. Fear not; our team offers IV sedation which removes pain, pressure, and anxiety from the equation. During IV sedation, the patient is conscious and able to respond to our instructions. Our team includes dentists who are highly trained and have plenty of experience with all sorts of tooth extraction cases.

Pain may be due to issues related to the temporomandibular joint, disc, and/or associated muscles. If so, there are several methods of treatment available. In the event that the pain is sleep-related, Dr. Sukhdev Sidhu has been trained to deliver a variety of appliances to manage such cases. Some patients may be grinding (bruxism) their teeth for other reasons. Dr. Sidhu is trained to handle these cases using several other methods, including, but not limited to, protective guards, medications, and home care instructions.

A tooth is shown with the root canal being removed.